Stronger Communities For Children


The Stronger Communities for Children program is a flexible initiative that works with communities in the Northern Territory to identify and implement local, integrated services and activities that create a safe and positive environment for children and their families.

SCfC aims to give children and young people the best possible start in life by:

  • making families and commities safer;
  • nurturing young children;
  • providing children, young people and families opportunities for anticipation in cultural events;
  • supporting children to be school ready;
  • supporting young children to attend school and gain an education;
  • building community capacity to lead, plan and priorities services that children and families need;
  • building the capacity of Indigenous organisations to deliver these services.

SCfC projects are community led through the Local Community Board and where possible are provided by local Indigenous people, with the suppot to learn new skills to do the job. The program is funded under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy's Children and Schooling Program, and the Australian Government has committed significant funding to the SCfC program through to December 2020.

On the ground, Mala'la Health Service is assigned to be the SCfC Facilitating Partner and manage the program through the Local Community Board, who with the Program Manager determines which child, youth and family services are most needed in the community to make sure the services are delivered in Maningrida.

Through the SCfC program, a variety of programs including programs for young men and women, early childhood programs, sporting programs, nutrition programs, educational DVD's, school attendance programs, Board Governance and development programs,  and cultural activities have been funded.


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